• Fonctionnalités
  • April 26, 2016

New: Send mailings with an image

We introduce today a new feature that was widely asked for: Being able to send a picture in the Mailings. We’re proud to announce that it is now possible for everybody. [...]

Marc Weistroff Marc Weistroff
  • Music Marketing
  • January 05, 2016

You are wasting your time on facebook

I stumbled on this article which states that most brands are wasting their time and money on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook posts reaches virtually nobody (around 2% of followers) with a mere engagement rate (0.07%) while emails gets you a >90% delivery rate every time. That is why emails are so important when it comes to music marketing. [...]

Marc Weistroff Marc Weistroff
  • Development
  • December 08, 2015

First promo, beta-testers, CSV import, and a blog

The past two weeks have been really exciting. The first promo has been sent with the redesigned new system and all went very smoothly. The website was improved in myriad of small ways and we’re happy to announce that you can now import your contacts through the upload of a CSV file. It was the #1 requested feature by our newly recruited beta-testers. [...]

Marc Weistroff Marc Weistroff